Sunday, January 20, 2008

Writing Day 1

Sundays are officially writing exercise days as of about ten minutes ago. Now you know.

Today I'm trying one from the book Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, which I highly recommend. For this excercise I have listed 10 random nouns:

1. earrings
2. angel
3. footstool
4. garbage
5. chandelier
6. soldiers
7. lawn
8. maple tree
9. galaxy
10. nostril

Next a random occupation:


And finally 15 random verbs relating to that occupation:

1. stalk
2. track
3. target
4. trap
5. shoot
6. camouflage
7. sneak
8. dispatch
9. slaughter
10. trigger
11. butcher
12. tan
13. skin
14. carve
15. hunt

Now the object is to combine nouns and verbs in interesting ways to form unique sentences. Here's my shot at it (no pun intended):

· Her sparkling earrings trapped his eyes in a mesmerizing festival of light.
· The avenging angel carved a path through the sky.
· The footstool snuck under the tired man’s feet.
· The pungent garbage quickly dispatched their sense of smell, dragged it behind the dumpster, skinned it, and butchered it.
· The gaudy, extravagant chandelier camouflaged the peeling paint and spotted wallpaper.
· The weary soldiers stalked their beds down the trail back to the base camp.
· The sharp-bladed lawn skinned their soles as they ran barefoot through the yard.
· The slim maple tree shot from earth like a spear.
· The bright, wheeling galaxy slaughtered the nothingness around it.
· One nostril seemed to track her wherever she moved. It was really creepy.

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