Thursday, January 31, 2008

I have Mad Skillz

Nix’s List of Obscure Talents
(a work in progress)
Sew (hand)
Sew (machine)
Ride a horse
Computer art (photoshop)
Website design (HTML)
Care for dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, parakeets, snakes, etc.
Mod a My Little Pony
Set a turtle trap
Catch a venomous snake
Latch hook
Manage small children in large groups
Distinguish crocodiles and alligators
Speak Spanish
Write (prose, supposedly)
Google with skill
Paint (oil)
Paint (watercolor)
Sex a fruitfly
Read obsessively!
Use a flow cytometer to estimate a genome size
Use statistical software
Program a VCR
‘Knit’ chainmail
Make jewelry
Identify a wide variety of rocks
‘Hex’ code on Petz (fairly obsolete skill!)
Play the viola
Play handbells
Play the piano (badly)
Run a classroom
Cross stich
Play field hockey

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