Friday, March 26, 2010

Kindle Screens: The Big Wahoo

So, I got tired of dealing with blogger's awkward image tools. So I dumped all my Kindle screensavers on Photobucket! Have fun!!

Over 100 Free Kindle Screensavers HERE


DISCLAIMER AGAIN: Most of this work is not mine. These screensavers are made in the spirit of promoting some of my favorite artists, webcomics, books, tv shows, movies, etc. , and I do not in any way lay claim to them. I have credited the work of various artists wherever possible, and would be happy to add credit or remove an image upon request by the artist. End small print.

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Here are some other sites with screens available:

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Jackson Unit: Assorted

B. Tackitt: Assorted (many!)

Whatzits Galore: Disney Princess Noveau

Redeeming Qualities: Piranesis-Carceri

Kevin Guyer: Modern Authors

Nintendo Screensavers (in forum) (Zip File)
Original (Amazon) Kindle Screensavers (in forum) (Zip File)