Monday, January 28, 2008

Dream logic (drēm lŏj-ĭk)

Dream logic (drēm lŏj-ĭk):


  1. A mental state characterized by irrationality and lack of lucidity occurring within the context of a dream: I dreamed I was working on my spanish quiz, and dream logic made me think my professor asked questions about how to use the flow cytometer in my genetics lab.
  2. Illogical or delirious thought processes generally triggered by sleep deprivation, grogginess, and/or sudden or incomplete awakening: I did not have time to work on my spanish quiz this morning because my dream logic told me my snooze button could be used to stop time.
  3. A state of mind between waking and sleeping: The gentle hum of the $250,000 flow cytometer combined with the weariness of a long and hectic day lulled me into a trance, and dream logic helped me believe I was home and only dreaming of being in the lab.

see also: sleep madness (Questionable Content, sidebar)

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