Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

Somewhere along the way I set my internal clock a good four, maybe five hours back. While this is all well and good in regards to my quest to become officially classified as a nocturnal creature, in the meantime it means I’m awful cranky during class.

In order to address this problem, without actually doing anything to alter my lifestyle, I hit the information superhighway. Almost immediately I find out that nocturnal animals "generally have highly developed senses of hearing and smell." Something to look forward to. How To Sleep Well starts out with the advice "sleep only when sleepy." Check. I wasn't actually aware that was a significant problem plaguing humanity. My problem is staying awake when sleepy. Moving on down the list, "develop sleep rituals" sounds intriguing. Maybe I could incorporate ceremonial masks?

According to The World Clock I’m on Honolulu time. That or Kiritimati. My initial impulse is to vote for Honolulu over obscure-never-heard-of-it-ville but closer inspection reveals that Kiritimati is in the Christmas Islands, which sounds nice and festive. Plus it’s cloudy in Honolulu right now, and I am sick of anything to do with rain. It’s cold and icky, I have tons of stuff to do, and I never get to sleep before 3AM because my brain has apparently taken a metaphysical trip to the tropics for vacation. Hmm.... clever.

If anyone asks, I’m in Kiritimati.
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