Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Screensavers

A few more free screensavers / backgrounds for use with the amazon Kindle! Because I can't seem to stop making the darn things.

As in my previous post the artwork is from various sources and is offered here in screensaver format in the spirit of promoting some excellent websites, artists, etc. Again, please *click* on the image to load the fullsize version, then right click *save as*. See aforementioned previous posts for additional details and resources for Kindle screensavers.

*edit* oops... uploaded the wrong image size. I'll fix these later. kthxbai!
*re-edit* Fixed it!!

Ouran High Host Club:

from a wallpaper made by Arehandora


Alex Haworth

(prints available at Art.com)

Artist Unknown

(Prints available at Art.com)

Red vs. Blue:

Comments? Suggestions? Requests?

Are you sure you checked out all the screensavers?

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