Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kindle Screensavers

Psst! My screensavers are now on PHOTOBUCKET.
Or, go
here to see my other Kindle screensaver posts on Blogger.
Ta-dah! A collection of Kindle Screensavers (sleep screens, backgrounds, wallpapers, whatever) just for you! And everybody else on the web! But mostly me! I'll stop using exclamation points now!

I love my Kindle. If you read anywhere near as much as me hie thee over to Amazon and pick yourself up an Amazon Kindle eBook reader. They're still pricey, but well worth it.
Of course, the first thing I have to do is start making some personalized screensavers (or perhaps 'backgrounds' would be a better word?) to replace the default ones. Since premade Kindle bgs are pretty scarce on the web I thought I might venture to post mine here for anyone who's interested.


DISCLAIMER: Most of this work is not mine. These screensavers are made in the spirit of promoting some of my favorite artists, webcomics, books, tv shows, movies, etc. , and I do not in any way lay claim to them. I have credited the work of various artists wherever possible, and would be happy to add credit or remove an image upon request by the artist. End small print.


Please *click* on the image to view a full size file before saving.

P.S: There is a nice outline of how to add screensavers to your Kindle on this webpage, and at Kindlerama. I use Adobe Photoshop to format images: 800x600 dimensions, grayscale, 167dpi, .jpg format.


Ursula Vernon is possibly my favorite artist of all time. Some day I will decorate my entire house with her stuff. This may earn me odd looks from visitors.

The Goldfish are Restless was the first Ursula Vernon picture I ever ventured across. :)

Check out PartiallyClips!

Shades of Grey:


The creator of Pearls Before Swine said that this was his favorite crocodile line:

A Softer World:

The Perry Bible Fellowship:

Sluggy Freelance:

I'm not sure where all the funny cat pictures came from but they sure are cute. Maybe LolCats?


If you haven't read Girl Genius you haven't lived.

Joe and Monkey:

I believe I've mentioned Superdickery before.

And obviously the covers are from their respective makers. Duh.

A clip from The Onion:

Um... this was a fan wallpaper made Sera.

Exploding Dog:

I love Zap!

Portal is the best game ever.

And... this was on DeviantArt.... somewhere. If you made this, I love you.
No, seriously. I will bear your children.

Longmire has a wonderful collection of parodied romance novel covers:

Found this somewherez on the internet.

Generator here.

And of course, a tribute to the ultimate eBook, ever.

A snake!

XKCD must not be missed.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:

Why don't I have more bgs from this comic?

Wait! Are you sure you've checked out all my screensavers? There's more!

If you want to re-post any of these please include credit and a link back here. Comments make me happy!

If you've made kindle screensavers of your own to share I'd love to see (and link) them. ^_^

Here are some other sites with screens available:

Kindlerama: Assorted

Jackson Unit: Assorted

B. Tackitt: Assorted (many!)

Whatzits Galore: Disney Princess Noveau

Redeeming Qualities: Piranesis-Carceri

Kevin Guyer: Modern Authors

Nintendo Screensavers (in forum) (Zip File)
Original (Amazon) Kindle Screensavers (in forum) (Zip File)


  1. Wow, thats a ton of screensavers! I really like the Shades of Grey one, definitely my favorite of them all (though the cat ones were really cute, too). Nice to see other people creating their own screensavers. :) I do it in my spare time sometimes, myself. You can check mine out (since you said to share) at the URL I listed with this comment. :)

  2. I can't click on the Companion Cube one. :( All the rest work fine, but that one has no link. Please fix? It's my favorite of all of them, hehe.

  3. thanks alot i didn't want to format for the kindle :)

  4. thanks a lot! Like others I didn't want to search and convert. These look great.

  5. Thanks, all!
    ShardsOfBlue the Companion Cube image link is fixed now. Sorry for massive delays; I missed your comment. :)

  6. I love many of your SS. Some of my favorite web comics, XKCD, OOTS, PHD.

    You ask for a link with some I have done?

    each folder has SS..

  7. @B.Tackitt: Yay! Lots of lovely screensavers. These are great, thank you. (Steals for Kindle)

  8. 50 H.R. Giger screensavers.

  9. Great pictures; nice change from the standard ones.
    For info. is now

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  11. my screensaver says
    cratuerbum guerbunerat abudomaos
    Does anyone know what that means?

  12. Change Kindle screensaver Allows you to create your own image in Kindle supported format. You can even add "Slide and release to wake" label for more authenticity.