Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kindle Screensavers again!

Another post for my Kindle screensaver collection.

...somebody should really take away my Photoshop access. I can't stop myself!


Let's start us off with some screensavers made from classic art:


Girl With the Pearl Earring

Italianate Landscape (Jan Both)

A Picture just because (Luke Shorty)-

I don't know where these pictures came from, but these are some nifty tattoos!

Paul the Wineguy's Understanding Art for Geeks collection is hilarious!

I've been watching too much Buffy. I watched it while studying for my Genome Evolution and Biostatistics finals. I may never be able to separate Xander cracking jokes and segregation distortion ever again. But I do adore Spike!

Another from Girl Genius. The comic is awesomeness incarnate.

This one's a combo of sketches from Skin Horse and panel remix from a guest artist. Ah, Skin Horse. The ultimate misfit comic.

Looking For Group-- Laugh at things that shouldn't be funny!

A nifty scene from College Roomies From Hell. Sometimes I just can't make up my mind!

From Bunny:

Sam and Fuzzy! Ninja Mafia! Love!

'nother from Joe and Monkey...

Lily-chan pointed out I had somehow failed to make *any* Narbonic screensavers. I had to rectify that right away. Now we just need some Dave and Mel and Artie!


Have you seen all my screensavers? I got bunches!

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