Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When life gives you lemons...

Today's Close to Home with the lemonade stand bailout reminded me that I had seen this EXACT SAME JOKE in another comic over Thanksgiving break.

A little searching turned up the aforesaid well as turned up these two comics:
Ha! Ha!
Still funny!

Not to mention these 3 parody news stories and 2 humorously themed political blogs:
Boy gets 1 million dollar bail out for lemonade stand
Feds Approve $22 Bailout of Lemonade Stand
Congress Votes to Bail Out Little Sally’s Lemonade Stand
The government can't afford to bailout a lemonade stand!
Should We Bail Out Calvin's Lemonade Stand??

I am so not here to chime in with my own political commentary. No, I am here to officially declare this joke DEAD.
We get it. They're bailing out a lemonade stand. Har har.
Thank you,

PS: Should you now be overcome with the desire to test your ability to profitably run a lemonade stand I present to you Lemonade Stand: The Game
Be warned: this is one of those games that is inexplicably absorbing, and when you finish playing, you suddenly wonder why you were entertaining yourself by pretending to do work. (...but it's not as bad as the Waiter Game.)


  1. I wrote my lemonade bailout story on Oct. 15th. Today is Dec. 3rd. The humor may be old now, but it wasn't on Oct. 15th. Please don't lump me in with the latecomers.

    You owe me a story bailout.

    Sir Satire

  2. I'm so over the bailout. I'm so over politics. I'm so over...being over things.

  3. I sense your frustration. Me, too. I hope the job hunting proves successful for you, you seem like a nice person.

    I would offer you a glass of lemonade if I thought it would help.

    Sir Satire

  4. Sir Satire:
    I am prepared to offer you 3.5 billion monopoly dollars to assist in the bailing out of your bailout story. Very best of wishes to you.

    P.S. Quantity not quality: I have indeed lumped good with bad. No hard feelings?