Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Aesthetic Appeal

So the last time I was home on break I discovered that Dad-wife version 3.0 decoratively folds her Kleenex. I’m talking she takes the first tissue out of the box, thus rendering the patented Kleenex pop-up mechanism defunct, folds the tissue into a tiny fan, and tucks it artistically back into the box. Tom’s comment on the situation: “Yeah, it’s weird because I’m not sure if I’m allowed to use that tissue or not.” People, if your decorating techniques are creating ethical dilemmas over the issue of how to blow your nose this is not normal.

In other news my mother really enjoyed our repeated efforts to correct her tired old tissue presentation style. Much Kleenex origami ensued.

Images from http://officeproducts.fedexkinkos.com/ and http://www.whiteaisle.com/. And me. Both of the sites have said products available for sale. Buy and combine and your home too can be classy!

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